“Documenta Haematologica” Supplement 2017

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“Documenta Haematologica” is the Romanian Hematology Society Magazine, accredited by CNCSIS. It is designed both in print and electronic format (on website www.srh.org.ro). The journal is published quarterly and its purpose is to publish original works of the hematology or related areas.


The main categories of papers published in “Documenta Haematologica” are original articles, general articles (reviews), editorials, case presentations, letters to the editor, etc.

The works must be original; studies on human subjects must follow international ethical regulations; previously published papers are not accepted or sent for publication elsewhere; responsibility for the content of articles, statements and opinions belongs exclusively to authors.

All materials submitted for publication will be evaluated by reviewers. Manuscripts accepted for publication will be returned to authors  for changes to be made. Manuscripts not accepted for publication will not be returned to the author.


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    “Documenta Haematologica”

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    Conferences and Congresses

    • The XIInd National Hematology Congress, 2016
    • The XXIInd National Clinical Hematology and Tranfusion Medicine Conference
    • The Xth National Hematology Congress, 2007

Submission guidelines

Instructions for Authors

The manuscript must contain the abstract in English, the content written in Romanian and English and the bibliography; it may include pictures, tables and charts. The manuscript should contain:

First page:

  • Title
  • Full name of the author/authors (maximum 12 authors)
  • Names of the institutions to whom authors are affiliated
  • Grants, contracts and other forms of financial disclosures (including the name of the institutions) must be mentioned
  • Correspondence address : authors’ full name, postal address, phone number, fax, e-mail.
  • The running head must be of maximum 40 characters (letters and spaces)
  • Numbers of tables and charts included in the text.

Second page:

  • a 250 word abstract; no abbreviations or references are to be used; the abstracts of the original articles will be classified under 4 sections: background and objectives; materials and method; results; conclusions
  • 3-5 key-words.

Structure of the manuscript. Original articles must be structured as follows:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Material and method
  • Results
  • Discussions
  • Special thanks
  • Bibliography

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Letters addressed to the editor must contain a maximum of 750 words, 1-2 pictures or tables and no more that 10 relevant references; they must be signed by 6 or less of the authors. General articles should not be simple reviews from the literature, but they must also contain new information for the reader.

Editorials should be concise; this type of article does not need a special format or an abstract.

The text is to be edited in Word, using Times New Roman 12 font, spaced at 1. Only standard abbreviations, symbols and nomenclature are permitted; new abbreviations will be defined at their first mentioning in the text. Measuring units will be abbreviated only when placed next to numbers.

Measuring units for length, height, weight, volume must be of the metric system (meter, kilogram, liter). Temperature will be in Celsius degrees and blood pressure in mm Hg.

Tables will be numbered consecutively to their appearance in the text using roman numbers and a short title. The title will be placed above the table. Non-standard abbreviations used in the table will be explained in a footnote. Tables will be inserted at 2 rows distance, on separate pages.

Pictures will be numbered consecutively to their appearance using arab numbers and a short title. The title will be placed under the picture. Pictures will be accompanied by a legend (which explains clearly the letters, numbers, symbols or arrows used in the picture; sufficient information in order to interpret the picture without text reference should be provided).

Pictures will be drawn in a professional manner and photographed or computer generated; hand drawn pictures will not be accepted; letters, numbers and symbols should be big and clear enough in order to be read after image-reduction applied for publishing. Micro photographs should contain inner measuring scales.

Sources and/or authors of images from public domain must always be cited; copyrighted images require the author’s permission. Images will be placed on separate pages.

Special thanks will be addressed to those who had a significant contribution to the research or to the preparation of the manuscript.

Bibliography must be numbered according to text appearance order and will be identified by arab numbers between brackets. Style and punctuation of the references must be according to the text used in Index Medicus, National Library of Medicine. When there are 6 or less authors, all of them are to be mentioned; when there are more than 6 authors, the first 6 are mentioned and “&co” is added.

References regarding personal  presentations or unpublished data inserted in the text will not be mentioned in the bibliography.

Statistical data: statistic methods used for each analysis must be mentioned.

The manuscript is to be sent to the following address:
Dr. Radu Niculescu
Romanian Hematology Society,
258 Fundeni Sreet, district 2, Bucharest, zip code: 022328
with the mention  “for the magazine” in electronic format (preferably CD) and in 2 printed copies.

The manuscript will be accompanied by a affidavit stating the final manuscript has not been published and is not in the course of being published and has been accepted by all the authors.